For Students

Dear Neighbor,

We are glad to have you living with us in the Tuscaloosa historic districts.  The City of Tuscaloosa has enacted numerous ordinances in an effort to keep our neighborhood safe and clean. This reminder will inform you of ordinances that are in affect and the potential penalties for violations:

Residential Occupancy Restrictions

  • No more than three (3) [2 in non-exempt Historic Districts] unrelated persons living in a single dwelling
  • Maximum Fine- $500.00 and Mandatory Court Appearance
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 1754, § 35-313, 10-3-72, Section 24-43

‘Maintaining Premises with Trash in Yard

  • Maximum Fine- $100.00
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 5526, § 5, 3-20-97, Section 16-94

Parking Prohibited In Front Yards of Homes in the Historic Districts

  • Maximum Fine- $25
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 6409, 11-21-02, Section 24-124
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 5777, 6-9-98, Section 22-102

Parking on a Sidewalk

  • Maximum Fine- $20.00
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 3327, 11-19-91, Section 22-78
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 3369, 2-13-92, Section 22-78

Tuscaloosa Leash Law (Animals running at large prohibited)

  • Maximum Fine- $25.00
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 3588, 3-25-93; Section 4-40

‘Noise in Residential Districts

  • Maximum Fine- $100.00
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 3432, 6-25-92; Section 10.8-13

‘Unlawful Growth of Vegetation (In excess of twelve (12) inches)

  • Maximum Fine- $100.00, plus the cost to cut the vegetation
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 6343, 6-20-02; Section 13-67

Household Appliances and Household Furniture Prohibited Outside Any Dwelling

  • Maximum Fine- $200.00
  • Tusc. Ord. No. 6435, 1-31-03; Section 13.67.2

‘As your neighbors, we would sincerely appreciate your attention to these possible violations. Promptly remedying theses violations may prevent a citation from the Tuscaloosa Police Department with a possible fine and court appearance. We thank you for your assistance in keeping our neighborhoods safe and beautiful for the future.

Should you require more information, please contact the Student Government Association via email at, or visit the Original City Association website at


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