About Us

About the Original City of Tuscaloosa (OCA)

The Downtown Neighborhoods of Tuscaloosa are bordered by the University of Alabama, a growing and expanding State University which plans to enlarge its student population by 40%, to 28,000, over the next decade; a soon to be completely revitalized downtown area; and a riverfront area for which there are also extensive growth plans. The City of Tuscaloosa, already an All-American City, will be a very different community by 2010.

The downtown communities want to be a constructive participant in this growth. We have organized our membership into committees and task forces to allow all members to serve in on a committee or two in their interest areas, and thus help our communities to grow with the City and the University as a whole in a harmonious manner. The task forces and committees will make monthly reports to the OCA board. These committees and their active members, along with the Board Members of the OCA, are the principal resources and conduits through which the OCA will conduct most of its activities.


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